Wild Yam “meat” soup

The relentless rains lash outside my window. I am tempted to close my work, choose a good piece of fiction and retire to my bed, with a hot cup of soup. Wild Yam or Elephant foot Yam, is a rarely used tuber, despite its rich earthy flavor. Once cooked, its aroma is very similar to… Continue reading Wild Yam “meat” soup


Roasted Garlic and Tamarind Hummus

There are probably over a million hummus recipes. This brilliant middle-eastern dish, has completely taken over the world and is now finding its place beside, ketchup and mayonnaise in many kitchens.   The hummus I prepared does not contain Tahini or lemon juice. I have replaced lemon juice, which imparts a fresh and sour taste,… Continue reading Roasted Garlic and Tamarind Hummus